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We Shoot Next Week.

It's all coming up so fast, I don't know, I'm happy, anxious, a bit nervous. So many things are happening. Let's run down what the last couple days have been like so far...

We had our very first table read recently, I say recently cause I can't even remember the day of the week haha I think it was Saturday? If I got this wrong Feliciano could probably let me know and I'll edit it. Anyways, it went extremely well, had a smile on my face throughout the entire read through. The cast is extremely well rounded, it felt like I was watching an all star game. Last time I felt that way about a cast was probably the Irishman and that was a few years ago. They are great and I'm glad we got this cast to do this Dominican film.

I'm learning that we have about 3 days left in our campaign. A couple hundreds left to hit the green light. I'd love to reach it before our deadline. I know we can do it. We have so many supporters and it's truly a blessing to be here and be able to create something for everybody. I do this for me and for the people that deserve to be represented just as much. We gotta change the narrative and independent film is something that provides that. I wanna thank every single company and filmmaker who's taken that indie approach and thank you for inspiring us to strive and believe in ourselves so that others can believe in themselves too.

Next week we start shooting, I'll try to squeeze one of these before we shoot. Suppose to get some outfits pics next week too, would love to share that and maybe I'll reveal the living room set?

Stay tuned.

Till then,

Michael .T

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