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Making Movies Is Hard.

What a week. A ton of meetings happened, all good things happened. Our campaign is doing phenomenal. Speaking of phenomenal our movie night fundraiser was a success!!

I secretly screened my latest short film, June 22nd, film isn't even out yet but we're prepping release for it next month. Got a couple screenings planned out for that be on the lookout as of right now we got June 3rd locked down for our Hometown premiere and our wide release for June 22nd, 2023. Followed by a gallery more info to come soon on everything.

Was able to work on a music video with most of the crew of Bailando this weekend. It was a huge success wish I took pictures or collected some but it's out of my hands and everything is being edited at the moment. I promise during Bailando I will have so much BTS there's a chance we might just have to make a whole BTS movie.

Table read is happening this weekend. Dance rehearsals. I'll share it all the way. This journey is truly kicking off and I'm liking where we are heading. I miss this feeling. Been longing for it for the longest. Winters are hard because no one wants to make anything here and it's cold and winters are hard. Things are starting to pick up so expect more things to be shared and I'll share more pictures with you guys. Remind me to take more pictures if you see me in public, let's take more pictures.

I'll see you all soon and I promise this next Diary entry is going to be special. See you all next week.

- Love, Michael .T

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