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"I’m a filmmaker, and so far I enjoy directing, writing, producing, lighting and cinematography. I think to be limiting myself to one thing feels unfair, the term filmmaker kind of wraps everything in a bow nicely."

Michael .T


photographed by mavvro, 2022

Michael .T is a multiple award-winning filmmaker based in Massachusetts. He’s made three short films revolving around coming of age: BOYS WILL BE BOYS, ERIKA, and JUNE 22ND. He’s also assisted with several studio productions with companies like Sony & MGM. Michael hosts movie nights at El Taller Cafe monthly, building a network for filmmakers in the New England area. He’s been featured in Moviemaker Magazine, Indie Shorts Mag, and his local newspaper Eagle Tribune. In his previous ventures, he worked as a graphic designer, photographer, and deli clerk at Stop & Shop and as a musician. He lives in Lawrence, Massachusetts, continuing to tell stories about where he’s from. Visit him online at


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