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Monday, May 1st - Hope This Works

Hey everyone. whoever's reading this you probably pledged to Bailando or are getting this first one for free because I think everyone deserves a teaser these days.

It's May 1st, I'm just going to try and let stuff go and write this as chaotic as filmmaking is in general. For those of you who don't know me my name is Michael .T and I'm a filmmaker born, based and from Lawrence MA. I been making films since about 2016. It's been a passion of mine for a while to be able to tell stories, inspire others with those stories and bring them on to screens. Preferably the theaters, if you watch it on your phone that's fine too like I get it.

*Cinemark does this trailer to show you how small your phone is compared to their screens and it's hilarious. I love it lol. Also In The Heights... we'll talk about it later.

Bailando ... what can I say about Bailando? Bailando means dancing in spanish. One of the many definitions. Ours happens to be a film about 20 something year old Dominicans falling in love in America through our culture's most popular music genre called Bachata. This production means so much to me. One of the many things I learned along the way of making films is that it's important to tell your story but also create stories that you would love to see that haven't been done before. For me I love musicals. I could sit here for hours and tell you how many times I've watch High School Musical. Singin In The Rain left me in awe. Besides musicals let's talk about these dance films. Let's talk about Flashdance, Honey, Step Up. Growing up I'd watch these films multiple times and fall in love with every rewatch. but eventually there comes a time where I start to think .. what are these films missing? What would I like to see change in these films? As I kept asking myself questions I found myself in this place where I realized film has been around for so many years and there hasn't been a film about Bachata and dominican culture that could be captured in a way those movies I watched were. So we got to work and here's where we are now.

I'd be lying to you if I didn't say I'm nervous. But all those nerves are good. There's so many things that are about to happen and this movie is only the beginning to something monumental. It's never been done before, you can look it up. Do as much research and if it has, it hasn't reached a level of buzz like this and that's unfortunate, hope this can shed light on more of those films.

We got a cast, a crew and it's only a matter of time for us to start shooting. Plans are most certainly in motion. We've been planning everything these past few weeks from table reads, dance classes, rehearsals, all of it. Keep up with this and if I slack you can let me know haha. I'll try my best to share anything and everything on this blog about this movie to get everyone excited.

Leave some questions if I've left some unanswered. I'll answer them on the next one. I'll try to make one every week starting now.

For now, hope my words bring you excitement and let's keep making movies.

Till Then,

Michael .T

P.S. we have a movie night fundraiser this week, I'll add the flyer. Hope to see you there. A lot of cool surprises!

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